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Press Release for Annual meeting of Anhui Honeyoung Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Views:12     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2015-03-11      Origin:Site


    Time filesthe year of 2015 passed in a wink and everybody is looking forward to the coming new year. The new year breeds goals and hope . On 22nd, Jan, 2016, the annual meeting of Anhui Honeyoung Enterprise Co., Ltd was solemnly hold at Tongqing Hotel which was located in The Mix City of China Resource . All of the company’s employees are gathered together to enjoy the joyful time.

    The chairman of the company , Mr. Wu zhongqi gave us an congratulatory address , Mr Wu said : “ Hectic days have gone, during 2015 , Under the leadership of the company and by the efforts of all our staff, we achieved satisfactory result. I hope that with the joint efforts of all employees we can accomplish the company's various goals for the coming new year of 2016. Here I would like to express my sincere greetings to you and your families, and wish all of you a happy, healthy, creative and prosperous year ahead.


 Each department of the company made wonderful performances on the party. The sound of singing,applause and cheers vibrated for a long time. The party brought not only joy or laughter , but also promoted the feeling of harmony and amity between colleagues .After the party, everybody got together and took a group photo as a souvenir. 

    The year of 2015 has passed already while the new year which is full of hope and challenge is coming quietly. We experienced both happy and hard time in the past year. Facing the new year, we are filled with longing and passionate. Let’s create a much brighter future with our confidence and courage together! 



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