Customize The Best Pencil Packaging

Good pencil packaging will multiply your sales.

With our supporting team of professional pencil packaging designers, we will ensure that your first impressions are here to make lasting impressions to improve long lasting customer retention to your business.


Pencils in Box Packaging

Box packaging is the most common way of pencil packaging in the pencil industry. There are usually paper boxes, tins box, wooden boxes, PVC boxes, etc.

Box packaging for pencils is less costly, not only the packaging itself is less costly, but also can save you shipping cost. Boxes can hold more pencils in the same volume and can better protect your pencils from damage during shipping.

The box can be printed with a large area of graphics and text, which can attract more customers to buy pencils. It can also promote your brand.


Pencils in Blister Packaging

Blister Packaging is attaching your pencils to a printed paper card using clear PVC.

This type of pencil packaging allows you to show your pencils thoroughly. The customer will know what each pencil looks like without opening the package.

Stationery stores or supermarket sellers can hang the blister cards on shelves, which not only saves the space, but also makes it easy for customers to select pencils.


Barrel Packs of Pencils

Barrel packs are cylindrical packages, often made of cardboard or plastic, it can protect pencils well.

Barrel packs can hold as many pencils as possible in a limited space, because the intersecting surface of pencil rods is usually hexagonal or round, using barrel packs allow them to be automatically placed neatly, that’ll save space and forming a solid structure so that the pencils would not be damaged in transportation.


Pencils With Cardstock Sleeve

Cardstock sleeve is a light piece of card paper wrapped around a dozen pencils, like a waistband on pants, it holds a dozen pencils together and will not wiggle easily.

The cardstock sleeve can be printed with your logo and design for better promotion.

The cardstock sleeve is inexpensive and is the cheapest way to package. It is well suited for use as inner packaging, and outer boxes for shipping, cardstock sleeve is good for retail.