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Shape Of Pencil:The Ultimate Guide

We will work with you to understand the basic shape of pencil, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Different Shapes Of Pencil
Different Shapes Of Pencil

1. Round pencil

Round pencils are comfortable and reliable writing instruments that can be found everywhere in everyday life.

7 Inch Sharpened Round Pencil
7 Inch Sharpened Round Pencil

1.1 Advantages

Circles are the basic shape of pencils. Their rounded surface allows for a variety of designs to be printed, making them easier to pack than hexagonal or triangular pencils. The shape of pencil can accommodate all pencil gripping positions. You don’t have to worry about the edges pressing out on your hand.

1.2 Disadvantages

Round pencils are probably the easiest pencils to drop. They roll easily on the table. They often fall to the floor and break the lead core. The shape of pencil lacks a grip point, and people with sweaty palms will tend to slip and drop them.


3.5 Inch Sharpened Triangle Pencil
3.5 Inch Sharpened Triangle Pencil

2.1 Advantages

The triangular pencil is more suitable for children who are new to pencil grip. Its thick barrel makes it easier for children to grip. The three sides of the pencil correspond to the grip of the three fingers. For children who are not yet proficient in using pencils, this shape of pencil can help them learn to hold the pencil as soon as possible. That’s why the shape of pencil pencil is widely used in kindergartens and elementary schools.

In addition, some artists declare that it is easier to color using a standard size triangular pencil.

2.2 Disadvantages

Adults tend not to choose the shape of pencil. The wide edge of a triangular pencil is not flexible enough for adults to use and can appear bulky. Because the pencil wears out after a period of writing, it is necessary to adjust the thickness of the pencil tip by rotating the body of the pencil. If there are only three sides, rotating the shape of pencil is not as convenient. It is not possible to make fine adjustments, which can easily lead to a large difference in the thickness of the pencil. Therefore, the shape of pencil pencil is more suitable for children.

3. Hexagonal

7 Inch Sharpened Hexagonal Pencil
7 Inch Sharpened Hexagonal Pencil

3.1 Advantages

The hexagonal shape is best suited to the structure of the human hand. The shape of pencil is versatile and easy to use. It has well-defined edges that allow the user to get a firm grip on the shape of pencil in any position.

Hexagonal pencils do not roll off the table as easily as round pencils. With its hard edge, the shape of pencil can even be stabilized on a tilted table.

The shape of pencil is perfect for people who want to practice their writing. When the pencil gets thicker after you have been holding it for a while, you can turn your pencil to adjust the thickness of the tip and continue writing.

3.2 Disadvantages

Some users find the shape of pencils with hard-edged hexagonal cases uncomfortable to hold in their hands. They believe that the angles of the shape of pencil add calluses to their hands.

4. Rectangular pencil

The rectangular pencil is not common in life. Since carpenters generally use this shape of pencil, it has another name: carpenter’s pencil.

7 Inch Sharpened Rectangular Pencil
7 Inch Sharpened Rectangular Pencil

4.1 Advantages

Carpenter pencils are rectangular cased and have a larger surface area. Therefore, carpenter pencils are easier to grip than regular pencils. The refill of this pencil is usually oval and can be easily rotated to draw lines of varying thickness.

In addition, the carpenter’s pencil is very strong and does not break easily. When the carpenter throws the pencil into the toolbox and mixes it with other heavy tools, it remains intact. The Carpenter’s Pencil is ideal for construction-related occupations.

4.2 Disadvantages

The disadvantage of the shape of pencil is also obvious: its flat shape does not facilitate the use of a pencil sharpener. The current market for pencil sharpeners is mainly designed for round pencils, and it is not suitable for rectangular pencils. So nowadays, people who use rectangular pencils use pocket knives or other sharp tools to sharpen them.

If you want to know more about carpenters’ pencils, please click here: Why are carpenters pencils flat?

5. The shape of pencil core

If the shape of pencil shell determines how comfortable you are holding it, then the shape of pencil core determines how comfortable you are writing. Nowadays, people commonly use a pencil sharpener to sharpen pencils. The pencils sharpened this way are round and pointed. This standard shape of the point helps you draw lines in places where attention to detail is very much needed.

After you have been writing for a while, the pencil tip will become dull and you will need to use a pencil sharpener again. But if you use a penknife for sharpening, you can sharpen your pencil lead into any shape you want. For example, a circle, a triangle, a quadrilateral, or an octagon.

You can imagine if you use a quadrilateral pencil sharpener. After you have dulled one corner, you can gently rotate your pencil to use the other corner. This will increase the time you spend with your pencil, reduce the number of times you sharpen your pencil, and increase efficiency. This method is widely used among painters.

Carpenter pencils are generally sharpened to a flattened tip. This tip can mark thick or thin lines, depending on the angle you use the pencil.

The Split Lead Of Carpenter's Pencil
The Split Lead Of Carpenter’s Pencil

6. How to choose the right shape of pencil

While pencils of all shapes are common, picking a pencil needs to be a personal decision. Hardness and material are the key aspects to consider when choosing a pencil. Most people focus only on the beautiful appearance of the pencil; the shape of the pencil is often overlooked. However, the shape of a pencil can affect grip and comfort. For the user, it also affects writing style. Choosing the right pencil products shape is the part we need to pay attention to.

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