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Honeyoung Pencil

Pencil Manufacturer

Honeyoung manufactures and supplies quality pencil to Stationery industry worldwide

Since 1998, Honeyoung pencil produced pencil that can circle the Earth for 43.75 TIMES

Years Experience
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Popular Products of Pencil Manufacturer

Popular Pencil

7 inch graphite pencil painting stripped

Painting Stripped Pencil

yellow pencil with eraser

Yellow Pencil With Eraser

graphite painting pencil with hole

Painting Pencil With Hole

shrink film pencil linden wood

Shrink Film Pencil

poplar wood triangle 7 inch painting colorful pencil stamping

Triangle Painting Colored Pencil

painting colour pencil

Soften Wood Colored Pencil

12 pcs colour pencil with eraser

Colored Pencil With Eraser

triangle 3.5 inch colorful pencil poplar wood painting stamping sharpened

3.5" Jumbo Colored Pencil

About Us

Professional Supplier Of Pencil

With the modern production facility and qualified service team, Honeyoung aims to solve its client’s problems by our advantage.

Experienced In Industry

25 years of pencil industry experiences offer a full range of pencil products choices.

Cost & Time Savings

We offer pro-active optimization of cost, design, manufacturing, and logistice to ensure you save time and money.

Supported By Experts

Have experiences work with both end-user and trading company, Understand the difference between clients and user.

Quality Assurance

All custom pencil products and services are delivered and are always held to a high-quality standard.

Custom Pencil

All of your requirements for pencil can be satisfied. We have thousands type of pencils for your reference.

Pencil Packaging

As a premier pencil manufacturer, we offer packaging analysis, designing, sampling, manufacturing, logistic, Keep advising not just manufacturing. 

Welcome to the Pencil University

Your go-to destination for custom pencil tips, newest pencil trends and inspiration.

Best Pencil Packaging Specialist

Packaging means more then product itself sometimes, Honeyoung Pencil provides various suggestions for our customers, helping to sell better.

Our Factory

Pencil Manufacturer Plant Of Honeyoung

Every day, millions of pencils are produced in our factory. They are shipped to customers in various countries. When our customers receive our pencils, they are always satisfied with the quality of our products.

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