Top 10 Pencil Brands In The World

Top Ten Pencil Brands In The World
Top Ten Pencil Brands In The World

A pencil is a tool that everyone needs to use. There are a large number of pencil brands in the world, and the history of each brand is different. Are you interested in the stories of these pencil brands in the world? Today, honeyoung has provided you with an introduction to the top ten pencil brands in the world. We hope this can be helpful to you. The following rankings are in no order.


Faber-Castell Logo
Faber-Castell Logo

Country: Germany

Address: Faber-Castell Aktiengesellschaft, 90546 Stein, Germany

Time Of Establishment: 1761

Company Size: Production sites in nine countries and sales companies in 22 countries.

Group Revenue For 2019/2020: € 5.5 million.

Main Sales Regions: Europe / North America, Latin America, Asia / Pacific

The Wood Used For The Pencil: Cedar Wood and Jelutong Wood

Main Products: graphite pencils, colored pencils, fountain pens, mechanical pencils, etc.

Price Example: The price of a graphite pencil, for example, ranges from $1 to $5.35.

Company Profile:

Pencil manufacturer Faber-Castell is one of the oldest pencil brands in the world. They have an international reputation for the quality of their graphite pencils, which date back to 1761. They are also one of the world’s largest pencil manufacturers, with an annual production capacity of 2.3 billion pencils in over 120 colors.

In 1761, Kaspar Faber founded the A.W. Faber Company in Stein, which grew rapidly over the next hundred years, opening branches in New York, London, Paris, and elsewhere.

In 1900, the company was renamed Faber-Castell and a new logo was added. It combined the long-standing Faber motto with the “fighting knight” on Castell’s coat of arms.

Today, the company has 10 plants and 22 sales units, six in Europe, four in Asia, three in North America, five in South America, and one in Australia and New Zealand. Faber-Castell employs around 8,000 people and has a presence in more than 120 countries.

All Faber-Castell pencils are FSC certified and their wood comes from sustainable forests. Previously, Faber-Castell used mainly California cedarwood for pencils, but now they have sustainable forest plantations in Brazil. They mainly grow Caribbean pine, a fast-growing softwood that is ideal for pencils. The quality of Faber-Castell colored pencils is very high. They produce high-quality pencils for everyday use, but also design extremely high-quality premium pencils for professionals.

Best Selling Products:


Crayola Logo
Crayola Logo

Country: U.S.A

Address: 1100 Church Lane, Easton, Pennsylvania 18044-0431

Time of Establishment: 1903

Company Size: In 2020, the company will have about 2,000 employees.

Annual Revenue: According to Hoover’s report, the company has annual revenue of $750 million.

Main Sales Regions: Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands

The Wood Used For The Pencil: the material is unknown, however, Crayola states that their colored pencils are made with wood from well-managed forests and never from rainforests or endangered species.

Main Products: colored pencils, crayons, pastels, watercolor paints, brushes, coloring books, art sets, etc.

Price Example: A box of 12 color colored pencils costs $4.99.

Company Profile:

The company was founded in 1885 when Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith took over Edwin’s father’s pigment business. Early products included red oxide pigments for barn paint and carbon black for automobile tires. After noticing the need for safe, high-quality, reasonably priced crayons, Crayola produced its first box of eight colored crayons in 1903 and sold them for five cents.

Since then, the Crayola as pencil brands in the world has been transformed. It began releasing a range of innovative art tools, craft activities, and creative toys. Crayola wants children to explore, discover, play, play and find their dreams in a way that inspires their expression of inspiration.

In 1984, Crayola became a subsidiary of Hallmark Cards and played a major role in Hallmark’s growth strategy. The company was founded by Binney and Smith in 2007 when it changed its name to Crayola, emphasizing our number one brand.It has become one of the most famous pencil brands in the world.

Crayola’s global headquarters and major manufacturing facilities are located in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.

Most Crayola colored pencils are made for younger children and teens, although they do have some pencils for adults. For preschoolers and kindergarteners, Crayola makes colored pencils and crayons that are more suitable for smaller hands, and these pens are thicker.

Best Selling Products:

3.Dixon Ticonderoga

Dixon Ticonderoga Logo
Dixon Ticonderoga Logo

Country: U.S.A

Address: 615 Crescent Executive Court, Suite 500 Lake Mary, FL 32746

Time of Establishment:1827

Company Size: With over 1000 employees.

Annual Revenue: The company would not disclose its current revenue status, but Dixon Ticonderoga said in 2013 that annual sales had reached 1.5 billion pencils.

Main Sales Regions: USA, Italy, France, German, Asia, Latin America, Germany

The Wood Used For The Pencil: Cedar Wood and Jelutong Wood

Main Products: graphite pencils, erasers, pencil curlers, etc.

Price Example: A box of 12 HB pencils costs $10.20.

Company Profile:

Dixon Ticonderoga is one of the oldest and largest pencil manufacturing companies in the United States, with a history dating back to 1812.It is also one of the most famous pencil brands in the world.

Joseph Dixon is the son of a sea captain with an inquisitive mind and an entrepreneurial spirit. He enjoyed experimenting with the various uses of graphite found on his father’s sailing ship. He created the first Dixon pencil and in 1827, Joseph Dixon founded the Dixon Crucible Company, which was acquired by Bryn Mawr, a real estate development and recreational vehicle company, in 1983. The two companies merged to form the Dixon Ticonderoga Company.

In 2005, they were acquired by Fila, an Italian manufacturer of art materials, but retained the company name Dixon Ticonderoga.

Dixon Ticonderoga is known for its high-quality pencils made from cedar graphite. They produce pencils with their signature yellow casing, green logo, and eraser held in a green plastic ferrule.

To compete with cheap Chinese pencil imports, Dixon Ticonderoga produced a line of pencils from jelutong wood. These products were manufactured in China and imported into the United States under the Dixon brand name.Because it is one of the most famous pencil brands in the world. So both Dixon and Ticonderoga pencils are made by the same company, and Ticonderoga is their brand name for quality cedarwood pencils. For the other pencils they make, they just call them Dixon pencils.

Also mentioned is that Dixon Ticonderoga pencils were not made in the United States until the early 21st century, but now almost all pencils are made in China and Mexico.

Best Selling Products:


BIC Logo
BIC Logo

Country: France

Address: BIC USA INC., SHELTON, CT 06484

Time of Establishment:1944

Company Size: BIC employs approximately 5,985 people at all of its locations.

Annual Revenue: $1.43 billion in annual sales.

Main Sales Regions: Europe, South America, North America

The Wood Used For The Pencil:  most of their pencils are now wood-free pencils made from recycled materials.

Main Products: graphite pencils, colored pencils, mechanical pencils, ballpoint pens, etc.

Price Example: A box of 12 ballpoint pens costs $12.49.

Company Profile:

In 1944 Marcel Bich and Édouard Buffard founded a writing instrument parts manufacturing business.

In 1950 Marcel Bich improved the ballpoint pen design of László Biró and introduced pens under the brand name BIC. It is also one of the most famous pencil brands in the world.In 1979, they acquired Conté, a famous French manufacturer of drawing and coloring products with a history of 200 years. this allowed them to add graphite and colored pencils to their product range.

In 1992, BIC acquired White-Out, a well-known American brand of correction products, to expand its range of stationery products.

In 1993, BIC introduced its Evolution pencil, a graphite-colored pencil made from recycled materials. With a limited variety of pencils, BIC has moved away from producing traditional wood-cased pencils and instead uses a recyclable synthetic resin called Evolution. Their Graphite #2 pencils are certified non-toxic and come with a latex-free eraser.

In 2020, BIC launched the BIC Kids coloring line of crayons, colored pencils, and markers in the United States.

The pencil barrel of the BIC Kids series is fatter and perfect for children.

Best Selling Products:


Blackwing Logo
Blackwing Logo

Country: U.S.A

Address: 2385 Arch Airport Road Suite 500, Stockton, CA 95206, US

Time of Establishment: 1930

Company Size: Unknown

Annual Revenue: Unknown

Main Sales Regions: USA, UK, Australia, Canada

The Wood Used For The Pencil: Incense-cedar from California and Oregon. Incense-cedar has a fine, straight grain that sharpens quickly and evenly, leaving the pencil smooth and sharp, and pleasant to smell.

Main Products: graphite pencils, erasers, pencil curlers, notebooks, etc.

Price Example: The price of a box of 12 Blackwing 602 pencils is $27.

Company Profile:

Blackwing’s roots go back to the 1930s when the model 602 was first introduced by Eberhard Faber. Over the years, the pencil with its distinctive rectangular eraser has become synonymous with quality.It is also one of the most famous pencil brands in the world. In 1998, after several corporate acquisitions, the pencil was discontinued, but not forgotten. At one point, the price of a Blackwing pencil exceeded $40.

That is until a company called Californian Cedar Products introduced the Palomino line of pencils in 2007, made with incense cedar and high-quality Japanese graphite. This product reminded some customers of the original Blackwing pencils. Inspired by them, Californian Cedar Products purchased the rights to the Blackwing brand and relaunched the Blackwing pencil in 2010.  It is one of the most famous pencil brands in the world.This pencil combined the look and feel of the original Blackwing pencil with a softer lead and black barrel, and they followed it up with the Blackwing 602, which was closer to the original.

Blackwing’s main products now include small, medium, and large notebooks, replacement erasers, replacement blades and parts, knife sharpeners, stickers and pens, pencil extenders, and more.

Best Selling Products:

6.Staedtler Pencils

Staedtler Logo
Staedtler Logo

Country: Germany

Address: STAEDTLER Mars GmbH & Co. KG, Moosaeckerstraße 3, 90427 Nuernberg

Time of Establishment: 1835

Company Size: The company has 4 plants in Germany and 9 manufacturing facilities worldwide. Its subsidiaries have offices in 26 countries around the world. The company employs more than 2,300 people worldwide.

Annual Revenue: annual turnover of approximately €250 million (£220 million) in 2011.

Main Sales Regions: Germany, India, USA, Philippines, Canada

The Wood Used For The Pencil:  the wood source is mainly German forests and the wood is certified by PEFC.

Main Products: graphite pencils, colored pencils, crayons, highlighters, erasers, drawing tools, etc.

Price Example: A box of 12 Noris Series 122 HB pencils costs $8.40.

Company Profile:

The Staedtler Pencil Company was founded in 1853 by Johann Sebastian Staedtler. His family’s history of making pencils dates back to 1662 when the family started as pencil makers Friedrich Staedtler.

Friedrich Staedtler came up with an idea that was not bound by any conventions, an idea that violated the requirements of the Nuremberg Commission. He began manufacturing lead and lead bodies for pencils. In doing so, he abolished the separation between the lead cutter’s production of lead and the carpenter’s production of graphite packaging for pencils.

His great-grandson, Johann Sebastian Staedtler, invented the colored pencil and also made it available to a broader audience beyond artists. Today, they are known for making high-quality writing instruments, especially pencils. They publish a wide range of collections, including the Noris pencil, a universal pencil with the signature black and yellow stripes.

Staedtler Pencils manufactures pencils using FSC-certified sustainable wood and has received a proud reputation for helping the environment. Staedtler Pencils has developed a process for producing pencils that do not require the use of any wood planks as in traditional production processes due to superior production techniques. They use wood chips from sawing and planning processes in the woodworking industry to make graphite pencils and colored pencils from upcycled wood.

The grinding and up-cycling of these wood chips is a unique process. This means that even the smallest wood residues can be used again in high-quality pencils. Since then, in addition to the classic wood-cased pencils made from wood planks, their company has also produced high-quality pencils made from wood shavings. And thanks to this manufacturing process, pencils made of upgraded wood are particularly resistant to breakage. These pencils are durable and offer an excellent coloring and writing experience.

Today, Staedtler Pencils is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of writing, painting, drawing, and modeling products.It is also one of the most famous pencil brands in the world. Their company’s creativity makes products more sustainable, efficient, and durable.

Best Selling Products:

7.Caran d’Ache

Caran d'Ache Logo
Caran d’Ache Logo

Country: Switzerland

Address: Creative Art Materials, Ltd. 1214 River Hwy., Unit Mooresville. NC 28117

Time of Establishment: 1915

Company Size: Caran d’Ache has more than 300 employees.

Annual Revenue: $61 million in sales in 2020.

Main Sales Regions: USA, Switzerland, Japan, France

The Wood Used For The Pencil: Beech, Cedar, Pine, Abachi, Ayous, and Poplar

Main Products: graphite pencils, colored pencils, ballpoint pens, automatic pencils, fountain pens, notebooks, pencil curlers, etc.

Price Example: A box of 12 color colored pencils set costs $37.80.

Company Profile:

Caran d’Ache is a Swiss luxury goods manufacturer founded in 1915 in Geneva. They are known for producing high-quality products. In the long tradition of Swiss manufacturing, Caran d’Ache designs and produces exceptional products. Each piece is made in Geneva and bears the words “Swiss Made”. Originally named Fabrique Genevoise de Crayons, the brand was renamed Caran d’Ache in 1924 at the suggestion of Arnold Schweitzer, then head of the company. It is also one of the most famous pencil brands in the world.”kara tash”, meaning black stone, refers to graphite.

Caran d’Ache is a family-owned company currently headed by Carole Hubscher. He represents the fourth generation of the family and has been involved in the top management of the company since the 1930s.

Caran d’Ache’s pencils include premium graphite pencils, limited edition pencils made from exotic woods, as well as a wide range of colored and water-soluble pencils. Most of the wood used in the pencils comes from sustainable forests. The writing instruments and artistic drawing materials it introduces are recognized around the world for their superior performance. Many customers consider these pencils to be the best quality coloring pencils in the world. color pencils from Caran d’Ache are known for their intense color pigments and the highest standards of light resistance.

Since its inception, Caran d’Ache’s history has been intertwined with creativity. Innovation is at the heart of their company’s work, from exploring new materials and equipment to incorporating the latest technologies. Many of their patented inventions have left an indelible mark in the field of drawing and writing. Such as the first mechanical pencil, the first water-soluble pencil, and the first pastel pencil in wax and oil, which paved the way for a variety of innovations. Countless generations of budding artists, amateurs, and professionals have shared their enthusiasm for the quality of their company’s drawing and writing instruments.

Best Selling Products:



Country:Lyra was Once a German company, now a subsidiary of the Italian company Fila.

Address: Willstätterstraße 54-56, 90449 Nürnberg, Germany

Time of Establishment:1868

Company Size: Unknown

Annual Revenue: Unknown

Main Sales Regions: Germany, Australia, UK, India

The Wood Used For The Pencil: Cedar 

Main Products: graphite pencils, colored pencils, finger paints, erasers, pencil curlers, highlighters, etc.

Price Example: A box of 12 graphite pencils costs $11.61.

Company Profile:

Long ago, in the 18th century in Nuremberg, pencils were made exclusively by the Carpenters’ Association. In 1806, Napoleon Bonaparte ordered the administrative reorganization of Bavaria, depriving the Nuremberg carpenters Association of the exclusive privilege of making pencils. Johann Froescheis seized the opportunity to set up a pencil factory. Lyra pencil company was born and became one of the oldest pencil factories in Nuremberg.It is also one of the most famous pencil brands in the world.

In 1868, Johann Froescheis II registered the LYRA brand, making LYRA one of the oldest pencil brands in the world. At the beginning of the 20th century, the LYRA pencil company was producing about 7,000 pencils per week. This made it not only one of the oldest pencil manufacturers in the world, but also one of the most productive in the world.

In 1956, the Lyra-Orlow pencil factory celebrated its 150th anniversary. Its core products at that time included graphite pencils, colored pencils, specialty pencils, advertising pencils, clip pencils for technicians and artists, propelling and mechanical pencils, ballpoint pens, pastels and oil pastels, and a small range of cosmetic pencils.

In the 1980s, the main achievements of LYRA Pencils were focused on product innovation. Their company introduced the first uncoated pencils. These pencils were LYRA’s response to the growing awareness of environmental protection. They were a great success, especially in Germany. They allowed LYRA to establish a unique position in the market.

In 1987 LYRA Pencils left its factory in the center of Nuremberg and built a new factory near the Südwestpark industrial park, which was just the beginning.LYRA Pencils then went on to establish subsidiaries in the UK, Geußnitz/Zeitz, Singapore, Indonesia, and Sweden. It was not until 2008 that they were acquired by the large Italian international stationery company F.I.L.A.

Today, LYRA Pencils is known for its unique high-quality pencils. Lyra pencils produce a wide range of pencils for young children and their coloring pencils and graphite pencils are very popular in Europe. They also produce a wide range of artist pencils, including the professional quality “Rembrandt” pencils. Lyra pencils produce more than 14 million graphite pencils per year in their 6,400 square meter production area in Nuremberg and export them worldwide. The company also sells products for the office, home crafts, and hobby sectors as well as industrial products.

Best Selling Products:

9.General Pencil Company

General Pencil Company Logo
General Pencil Company Logo

Country: U.S.A

Address: 3160 Bay Rd, PO Box 5311, Redwood City, CA 94063

Time of Establishment:1889

Company Size: Unknown

Annual Revenue: over $3 million.

Main Sales Regions: USA, India, Canada

The Wood Used For The Pencil:  Incense Cedarwood

Main Products: graphite pencils, colored pencils

Price Example: A box of 12 graphite pencils costs $12.46.

Company Profile:

General Pencil Company is one of the oldest pencil brands in the world. They are a family-owned business based in Jersey City with a history dating back to 1860. Edward Weissenborn, a distinguished mechanical engineer, learned pencil manufacturing techniques while working for the German Pencil Company and returned to the United States to found the General Pencil Company.

This American pencil company soon earned a reputation for producing quality pencils.

In 1885, the American Pencil Company was sold to the Reckford Family, and in 1889 Edward’s son, Oscar A. Weissenborn, established his own pencil company. In 1923 the company was renamed the General Pencil Company.

In 1965, the company expanded to California to be closer to incense cedar suppliers and the Western markets it was developing. in the 1970s, Oscar A. Weissenborn took over as president, and James Weissenborn became a chief executive officer in 1979. James expanded the product line and increased the company’s pencil product sales and distribution capabilities to become a global supplier of fine art and craft products.

General Pencil Company now handcrafts pencils at a facility in Jersey City using sustainably grown California cedarwood and traditional quality recipes. The company produces a variety of high-quality artist pencils, including charcoal pencils, pastel pencils, and graphite pencils. They also make everyday pencils, such as their Half Hexagon pencils. This pencil is probably their most well-known because of its distinctive yellow appearance.

Best Selling Products:


Prismacolor Logo
Prismacolor Logo

Country: U.S.A

Address: 2707 Butterfield Rd, Oak Brook, Illinois, 60523, United States

Time of Establishment: 1856

Company Size: Unknown

Annual Revenue: Unknown

Main Sales Regions: USA, UK, India

The Wood Used For The Pencil: Unknown

Main Products: graphite pencils, colored pencils, markers, erasers, pencil curlers, etc.

Price Example: A box of 24 color colored pencils costs $21.49.

Company Profile:

Prismacolor as pencil brands in the world has a long history, dating back to 1856.It is also one of the most famous pencil brands in the world. Daniel Berolzheimer founded Eagle pencil company in New York City. At that time, the company was a well-known manufacturer of graphite pencils and various writing accessories.

In 1938, they introduced the first colored pencils. These colored pencils included what is known today as Premier Soft Core and Premier Verithin colored pencils.

In 1969, Berol Ltd. acquired the Eagle Pencil Company and renamed its next line of colored pencils Berol Prismacolor Colored Pencils.

Prismacolor was acquired by international consumer goods company Newell Brands in 1995, which continues to build it into a high-quality, premium fine pencil brands in the world.

In 2011 Prismacolor announced the launch of 18 new colors of Premier Soft Core colored pencils. The Prismacolor Premier colored pencils add 150 different colors to the collection, including some discontinued and extremely fan-favorite pencils that have been rejuvenated.

Prismacolor markets its entry-level colored pencils and graphite pencils as part of its Scholars Collection and its professional-quality pencils as a preferred line.

Best Selling Products:

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